New Lots, New Shops, New Bugs!

I have given now free all lots on the map (now we have 900!). I also enabled the multi-day reservation for the shops. Depending on your level, you can now rent a shop longer.

Also we have a new bug to deal with, they might be removed today:

  • Iron doors do not work anymore

14 thoughts on “New Lots, New Shops, New Bugs!

  1. YESSSSS. The Z lots are finally here! Thank you uncovery! :)

  2. Ah, that explains why my vault double doors were being wonky.

  3. Haha Last night Black Night was freaking out it was hilarious. And also I had a dream last night I griefed the server and today I woke up and was like before class better go on and see if im banned, then I remembered….lol

  4. I think it’s more that doors aren’t opening to red stone. My wood doors with pressure plates stopped opening. But they still close.

  5. Hey unc i have a question. I went on the 2D map and it says albertpuding and fireguy12 are owners of my lot and does not have my name there. Is this a glitch
    or what is wrong?

    • they were never owners only members (green names). There was a glitch that your name was missing. this is fixed now.

  6. Hey, had a problem with the new shop system.

    I had previously registered a shop — I believe it was shop 3 — such that it expired a while ago, not sure when. I had loaded it up with a few stacks of arrows.

    I just registered for a shop again — not the same shop, mind you — did a /shop reload, and threw some stuff in there, but I don’t see my arrows, and they definitely didn’t sell out. Do I need to have registered the same shop number consecutively, or was there a glitch?


    • You should get your stuff back when you open a new store, no matter where you open it and where your previous shop was.

      Let me look into it, thanks for the report, sorry that this happened.

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