What to do with the other mall floors?

Since the new mall is currently on one floor only, there is a LOT of free room up and downstairs. I am not sure what to do with it. There are several possible things:

  • A huge, multi-story maze
  • A dark, PvP, mob-spawning nightmare (mobs that hurt)
  • Rip out the floors and make a huge hall out of the mall below
  • whatever else you come up with!

Please comment!

25 thoughts on “What to do with the other mall floors?

  1. I think that the hall idea would just waste room. I feel like what would be cool is if you have a mini rollercoaster so people can get ideas If they want to make one, or they can learn how to make one.

  2. I agree with brian, but i dont thnk there would be enough room. I really like themaze idea. Maybe you can make it to where you get rewards for winning, or maybe make it like a skills course where you have to jump over lava, scale walls and on one floor you can make it a room with a ton of pressure plates. There could be 3 doors and two of them could be trap doors. And you have to find the correct plate for the correct door.

    I like that idea and other players could add other ideas to other floors

  3. Yes, but im saying that maze isnt the greatest. I think unc should build a big one since theres space

  4. I think having a very large hall would be very visually pleasing to the eye from the mall floor, but again, a waste of space. A maze is a interesting idea, but there is one just right down the pathway in spawn. A PvP area woud be something, but don’t we already have an area for that?

    I have two ideas, the first one is a little crazy however:
    1. Make it that PvP Area, with many mob spawners. But make some kind of reason for people to do it. Maybe make it a big room with spawners all around you, and you have to get to the other side w/o dying. And possibly even a reward at the end? Who knows.

    2. Here’s something cool and fun: Make it an exhibit. I’m sure we all know that tunnel that leads from spawn to public area? There is that one area on the right that shows you all the blocks from the game, many that are out of our reach. Make that floor or floors a museum/exhibit. It’d be nice to walk past there sometime, and see all the different types of blocks in Minecraft. Just an idea :)

    See you all on the server :D

    • i agree with numero uno. I think making a mob challenge would be awesome and fun. You could enter the room and you have to make it to the other side, or fight the mobs for a certain time and then a door opens somehow.

  5. What about a biome room. Like each room has a different theme, desert, nether, rain forest, taiga, swamp, forest, savanna, woods, plains, tundra, and maybe just some fun rooms like full of sponge or something :p.

  6. Make it a puzzle solving room with complex redstone contraptions, maybe like portal. Escapecraft is a famous map like that. If you get to the end, you get a reward, but maybe on the uncovery server you could get an achevement!

  7. How about a resettable spleef arena?

    Say, 5 layers with a 5 block drop into water. I think if you use dirt, and a diamond shovel, it works the fastest for the most fun. :D

    If there were a command or set of switches to reset the arena, I think we’d get a lot of action. Perhaps if there were a way to keep us from being able to pick up the dropped dirt.

  8. Zombie spawners and make it so you drop into a room, and have to make it thru the zombies to get out, like a mini zombie survival…

  9. All these ideas are great. Maybe since there are so many floors we can maje all of these ideas.

    Heres my idea- maybe we have all these ideas in one, or a multiplayer couse. Where there is two players, on multiple flloors. First you both enter at same time then you have to do comete all the obsticles.

    Another idea- you enter on second floor, first there is obsticals like wall scaling, lava jumping, maze like floor. Next floor could be the zombie challenge fight off zombies for a certain time or cross the room. Next floor could be the redstone puzzles . Since there will probaly be more ideas and extra floors unc can expand it. And at the end reward/achievment.

    Overview- 1.make a multiplayer challenge with 2 players
    2. Combime all the ideas together in one big. Challenge.

    As for spleef. Spleef is easy to make therefor unc could put it in a place for itself

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