New worlds! New Gates!

I have the plan to create a new, parallel world as an eternal, large, public area. I am waiting for the worldguard plugin to finally be released to do that. It HAS to happen one day.

The consequence is that I have to build custom portals between dimensions and this conflicts with the normal nether gates. So from now on, all normal nether gates do not work anymore. To get to the nether, you will have to come to spawn and use the gate that was built there by me. I guess this will be a small inconvenience since coming back one had to go through the spawn anyhow. So I am looking forward to have another world with unlimited resources – but with more danger! Beware what will be coming there! Creeper explosions etc are not excluded!

14 thoughts on “New worlds! New Gates!

  1. yay! great work uncovery. I cant wait to have a huge public area! but the downside is the creepers…. big deal ill be getting the diamonds! :O

  2. I shall get the diamonds first! and the pumpkins, flowers, lapis, gold, and anything else i can find =D!

  3. If it’s run as a different server, without protection plugins, etc… we could add plugins to add new mobs.

    • And how about a /home1 and /home2 so we don’t get borked by ppl who undermine the spawn point on the second world, etc. I’m pretty excited to see this happen!

  4. Brilliant idea. Now I can only hope that the public area now in the first world is turned into lots for reservations :D

  5. I say give me a lot in the middle so I can build my epic illegal underground dog fighting ring for everyone to enjoy next patch!

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