Player lbuitendam banned [Update]

No further explanation required, I hope.

[Update]Apparently there is further explanation required. So I just added a page to explain how bans work on this server to the “about this server” section. Please read it.[/Update]

16 thoughts on “Player lbuitendam banned [Update]

  1. Ben it’s pretty stupid to even have a Hitler skin, the holocaust was a terrible thing. Let alone, he even stole your diamonds!

  2. oh im not laughing at the fact that he has a hitler skin. Im laughing at the fact that he got banned.(Like in a “Haha i knew that would happen” way) :D

  3. Thats horrible. People like that ruin life…. If he accualy appreciated the holocaust…. He deserverd to be banned.

  4. I admit i laughed at this. I guess i expected to read about some joker stealing someones stuff. I surely would have banned him immediately also if it was my server.

  5. I guess it goes to show the character of people can be simple and transparent. It’s sad that he probably doesn’t even understand what the holocaust was, or what it meant to people. I know he was warned repeatedly by some players, including VIPs. >:

  6. First off I am very disaapointed in this player. It angers me that people would joke about this, but mainly because they don’t fully understand why it is such a problem joking about the holocaust.

    Secondly, I do feel bad for this person. As angry as I am I feel like he should have a second chance if so he desires. A man came to our school that was wrongly accused of murder and put on death row. He explained how it feels to be excluded from everything and forgotten. Although Ibuitendam didn’t murder someone, he was banned, which is just like being put on death row. What I am getting at is that i feel like he should at least be given a second chance if he desires it. I hope and believe that he was only trying to make people laugh and accidentally took it too far. For this, i believe banning is necessary. But everyone deserves a second chance and I know we’ve all had our share of needing a second chance in our lives.

    If it seems so, I am not trying to say i uncovery should listen to me, I am just expressing an opinion. If you took the time to read this, thank you and please have a nice day/night.

    • Brian, I think you grossly overdramatizise this issue here. Let me give you a picture: I make the questionnaires so people read the rules. He filled them out and read the rules. The Nazi Skin is explicitly, individually mentioned in there as something that gets you banned immediately. This means he actively tried to provoke. If he for someone does not read them, he has nothing to do here. He wants to use MY server for free and join OUR community, which requires to read some very basic rules. If he cannot do this and does not want to change AFTER being even warned by players that what he does will be banned, it is very very much his own fault.

      Further, this is not a death row. There are more than 2700 other servers listed publicly. He can go wherever he wants.

      Regarding the second chance: There is, explicitly, no second chance on this server after a ban. You have to do drastic stuff to get banned here, most of which is based on annoying other people. I want to protect two things: The work that I put into this server and the people like you who put their work and time into it. I do not see ANY reason why I should jeopardize either of those because of a guy who just came in through the door. For people to deserve anything, they have to give first. This is a game server, not a charity. The fact that I let people into this, my server, where I spend this much time and money on it, should be a seen as a generosity from my side in the first place. If that is answered with insult, annoyance or the ignorance of the basic rules right from the start, then my advance of trust is abused. I do not see why I should give a second time an advance of trust to those people.

      • Uncovery, you very right about this. When I wrote this, I was extremely tired and thinking about 20 other things, most not even about minecraft. Please accept my most sincere apology for my reckless post.

  7. Uncovery with a comeback. strongly agree if he read the rules he would of changed his skin, which would not ban him. BUT if players don’t read the rules then they don’t play. its as easy as that. Therefor

    Uncovery +100000000 Respect points!

    take that OSF

  8. I did give him like three chances to change his skin, told him repeatedly that as soon as Unc would come on, he would be notified and he would be banned.

    If people are really this stupid, they deserve to be banned. Good job.

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