Level & Lot expiry fixed

I have now added information to the Lot reservation page and the VIP user level description regarding the expiry of each if you do not show up on the server for some time. These are the general rules:

  • If you do not log into the server for 2 months, your lot(s) might be reset, and given to someone else
  • If you are VIP and you do not login for more than a month, you might be downgraded to architect level. Depending on how your lots look like, I also might pick two of your allowed 4 lots, reset them and give them away.

Please know that I am not going berserk on this and remove levels on the day of expiry without any thoughts behind this. The fact that I write this is more a warning so you know what might happen and to prevent people from complaining.

I will not do that with people who contributed a lot to the server or where I know that they are temporarily offline. But if I have a hard time remembering your name, the chance is high that I act on above principles if I do my random checks on the time users logged last into the server.

12 thoughts on “Level & Lot expiry fixed

  1. Sounds like a C.Y.A. post, but I love what you’ve done with the server. I’m glad we’re all here to help make Uncovery great!

  2. um yer i wont be playing much my internet is caped at both my dad’s and mum’s house and its epic lagg when i join so yer. My excuse.

  3. You may aleady know but i always can get on on the weekends. But during the week i have college and work so it is a very rare chance to get on then.

  4. yeah seriously guys. When I say that I reset lots after 8 weeks, there is no need to tell me that you are online every 5 days.

  5. OH GOD, BUT UNC, I’M ONLINE EVERY DAY?! I actually should get banned for that. xD

  6. ;_; I think I should just start my own server. And name it “NoOsfAllowed” D:

  7. Noos Fallowed? Is “noos” a crop I haven’t heard of in your country half-way around the world from me? ;-D

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