How to get old lots

I have started a new process how to get old lots (=where the user has not logged in for more than 2 months).

First of all, the right to get such lots is reserved for now for Architects and VIPs. Since we have a LOT of new lots that can be given out, I do not want to have the work of resetting old lots for anyone.

To identify the old lots, you simply have to look at the 2D map. The old lots have a red border since today. To get such a lot, you need to contact me by email or in-game and ask me to reset that lot. I will take a look at it then and see if the lot should be preserved instead, in the case that there might be a truly epic building on it. If it does not need to be preserved, I will reset it and remove the owner from the lot, so you can reserve it.

6 thoughts on “How to get old lots

  1. Great work! This at least allows players who have not had the chance to log on a little more time, and able to pick lots a lot eaiser. Keep up the good work!

  2. Sounds great! Even though i don’t get to use it. :P Great work Unc!

  3. henry its too bad that all of ur neighbours have been on fairly recently though :p. I hope u get your lot soon :D.

    Also great work uncovery! Very convenient method of distinguishing old lots from more frequently used ones.

  4. Haha Ben I will not specify but one of my nearby neighbors hasn’t been on for quite awhile, so hopefully that lot gets vacated :D

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