Railways update [Update]

I want to start building a railway north-south and east-west through the map to make commuting with the minecart tracks easier. The minecart track will go first north-south through all lots of the Q row, later I will decide where the east-west row will go through, ideally through line 14 or 15, but I am flexible on that.

With the upcoming update of worldguard anybody will be able to place minecarts on the tracks and we can have a much better commuting system.

[UPDATE]I now expanded all the lots that neighbor existing public railways to expand above and below the railway. That way the lots are not that much smaller than normal lots and you can better integrate the railway into your lot, as well as bridge over the railway to the lots on the other side.

All railway now occupie 5 blocks horizontally, 4 blocks vertically and run at level 63 height.

I want to build now a North-South railway along the Q-row of lots.[/UPDATE]

The users now affected by the North-South railway are:

  • BinkyDude
  • Zapp3D
  • yoshimanssbm
  • rthurber

I would be happy to hear as comments here from the affected people if they are fine or not. I already blocked the area from editing so you guys can see what the effect will be.

10 thoughts on “Railways update [Update]

  1. This clearly does not affect me. But im happy to hear that some railways are functional now. Great work Uncovery.

    • *im happy to hear that railways are going to be functional.

  2. Sounds awesome. The new rails shouldn’t effect my lot, but I do have a question about the existing ones. Would it be possible to limit those to the 4-high rule, as well? pinebenj and I have lots on either side and would like to connect them, if possible. No rush, of course, but if it’s not much trouble, it’d make our multi-lot train tour much more interesting! :D

    • I can probably do that. Now all the lots at the rail are 4×128 blocks smaller, I can probably change that and make them larger. The original idea was to make them full-height so people can actually get off anywhere. But I guess everyone will want to have access and will not 100% block the railway.

      • Yeah, after my post, I decided to look again at the dimensions of my lot. Sure enough. And I’d be honored to host the western rail through my lot! I can even have a stop on the multi-lot tour train system at the railway for ppl! :D

        Awesome. I love how this server keeps updating and changing! I love adding what I can to it! :D

  3. The western edge of the Q lots works great for me. Thanks!

  4. Wow Uncovery. I was actually about to ask you about this. You’re just one step ahead all of the time XD. Thank you Uncovery. Now Lvasold and I can connect our lots :D

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