Additional lots for grabs

I now added the last login time to each lot owner on the map so you can see when a lot might become free if the user does not return until then and discovered that some people never even logged in after registration. These lots are of course now also up for grabs.

6 thoughts on “Additional lots for grabs

  1. i dont know how long i will be off line due to my laptop troubles i would appreciate it if my lot isnt given away.

    • Are you seriously assuming that will not have those problems and be completely unable to login for even one second from some computer for the next 2 months?

      • my problem is every time i fix my laptop its good for a few months and then something new pops up. the only ways i see me being able to get on before i visit my grandpa (my computer tech) is by hacking onto my moms desktop (which is set up like a fortress) or catching my school`s internet filter offgaurd and play at school. wow i can type up personal problems in a few minutes, but when i have to write a essay it takes me days.

    • Wormy,

      I have been having many of the same problems as you. Luckily, I found a solution. I’m on a mac, but this might as well be the key if you are on a PC as well. Simply, go and download the latest java version, and volla, problems fixed. I couldn’t play for 2 minutes without MC quitting, so this should work if your problem is similar :D

      • no its not java. every time i turn it on i get a soft beep then 2 loud beeps and after that it shuts down.

  2. Wormy i have laptop prolems and during the week i probaly have the worst internet of the whole entire server. But i still log in for a whileand talk. So dont be complaing about your lap top. AND if you cant log in for 2 MONTHS. Then unc has no choice to keep your lot but give it away. And im pretty sure you posted this on 5 diff. Blog posts

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