Water / Lava Cascades

I updated the building rules regarding lot-wide cascades. If you have huge water/lava-falls please remove them. I do not mind 1×1 or similar cascades in the center, but if your complete lot is surrounded by a 128 block high cascade, you are overdoing it. This falls under the rule of wide/high ugly structure AND under things that cause excessive lag.

15 thoughts on “Water / Lava Cascades

  1. I have this lava/water cascading type of thing, ad I’d say it’s about 50 blocks high and about 17×17 blocks across. Should I take it down?

    • nah I would say thats fine. Its more the excessive stuff like bigdlols things that cause issues. His whole lot was nothing but a water fountain.

      • Was that the lot next to Pluto’s cathedral? That unsightly thing you could see from spawn? xD

        • Yeah! I always wondered what that was! It was like this ugly mix of some type of obsidian rectangle with water… looked messed up IMHO.

  2. i have a few, but they a 1 x 1 x about 40. i have 15 or 16 of them. do i have to get rid of them :(???

    • I would be happy if they are used with measure and not just making your whole lot a water/lava park.

  3. I was wondering about my torch I want to do flowing lava if I can, its 45 blocks across and not sure how tall it will be yet, I can do standing lava if you need me to. Thanks

  4. Ight mine is about 14x around 20 maybe. Its standing lava. Is that fine?

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