Temporary map 1.4 server started at port 25565!

If you want to upgrade already (and help me test stuff) you can connect to port 25565 with your upgraded 1.4 client. When testing new plugins etc I will be restarting it frequently, and there is a temp map w/o protection etc, but you can go and tame your first wolf!

What works?

  • IRC chat (you can even chat with the 1.3 server)
  • in-game chat channels
  • Whitelist
  • Command permissions
  • Minecarts

I will be updating the list for the other things that are tested and working

42 thoughts on “Temporary map 1.4 server started at port 25565!

  1. So if I didn’t upgrade, can I still play on the server?

  2. Had a blast last night when my client automatically updated and it took me about 30 minutes to figure out how to downgrade so I could still connect to the main server. I do like the new default texture maps I ended up with though.

  3. Uncovery, i would just let you know i am about o use a texture pack real quick to find diamond block i accidentally placed in really dark water. So if you have something that tracks texture packs and mods, please don’t freak. Sincerely, Brian0043

    • Brian still just don’t do it, take the time to search for it

      • Yo, turned it on, found it in the first second. Turned it off immediatly after though.

          • I’m sorry it is an issue, i will make sure I don’t do it again. Again, my apologies.

          • I’m with OSF on this one. There shouldn’t be any mods or sorts used to find blocks. Think about it, if everyone used this “texture pack mod” then everyone could find diamonds in one second.

  4. Hey Unc, my friends said that you deleted my lot because i hadn’t logged on. I was wondering if i could have it back. My life has been rather hectic and i just didn’t have time.
    Sincerely Andrew

  5. Uncovery, are you going to keep the back up server? Because it would be great for when updates come out and you haven’t finished fixing the server, and as a free, open server.

    • I always have one alternate system installed to test updates and new plugins. Those systems are not running all the time though. Takes a lot of resources. The new darklands map wil be very similar to the current map anyhow. So, no. This server will not run once the plugins are all updates for 1.4

  6. Uncovery i have just made a profile and i dont know what the ip adress is help me please

  7. couldn’t resist wolves looks like i’ll have to stick to sp until the main map gets updated to 1.4 :D

  8. but i did not get any email after i joined . to get my pasword i pressed lost you pasword nd then a got a email where on the website can i find the ip adress. ps i have 1.4

    • There is a server status box on the top right. There is the server address and the port. if you have 1.4 connect to port 25565 instead the given one there

  9. the only thing server status says is username not found

  10. no it still says usename not found and when i try to connect to the server it says that im not whitelisted can you fix it?

  11. i made it today and im using the same username martini515

  12. uncovery i have pased the test 4 times now and typed the code in your server 5 times but im still not persant can you help me?

    • Mart; If you completed the peasant test, all you need to do is wait. Due to some circumstances, Uncovery has to do this manually (as far as I know) so you’ll have to wait for him to come on.

  13. same thing happened to me as mar can i passed the test twice too but it says username not found help

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