Back to normal! Normal & Minecraft 1.4 [UPDATE2]

I have updated the server and you can connect to the old port. These things are currently not working:

  • Darklands. There is a serious issue with chunkfails. I am investigating what could be wrong. No clue as of yet. Some people on the IRC channels assume its a client issue. We will have to wait until a new version of craftbukkit fixes that or the client gets updated to the next version.
  • There are still many smaller things that do not work yet. Pictures can still be stolen, cakes can still be eaten. Most of these I would expect to be fixed in the coming days.

What should work now for the first time:

  • You should be able to place minecarts on the “public” railway going across lots. Please test this.
  • I have the possibility to allow ANYBODY to place minecarts ANYWHERE. Please comment if you do not want this, and why.

Other info:

  • Adding members to your lot – this should be fixed now

15 thoughts on “Back to normal! Normal & Minecraft 1.4 [UPDATE2]

  1. YAY for uncovery…! And I found an awesome quote on facebook!

    ”Women say that childbirth is the greatest pain in the world. I disagree, getting kicked in the nuts is. Look: A women gives birth. A year later she wants another kid. A guy gets kicked in the nuts and you don’t see us asking a year later to get kicked again! LOLZ”


  2. To be honest, I don’t really care about chunkfails~
    Hope to see the Darklands soon! :)

    • The chunk fails where ever you warp in to the Darklands. You actually can’t get in there.

  3. Good job, Unc. I think we can all wait a day or two until the DarkLands.

  4. I do not think we should be allowed to place carts every where, And if we can, Can we destroy them?

    What about Minecart Mania, Just place a station within every lot on the line. Just an basic station with an button to destroy carts

  5. Thanks Uncovery :)

    And I do support OSF’s idea. Every track or railroad must have a start/end station with a button to launch and destroy carts… don’t know how that coding works however.

    • One for both, and unused carts, are automatically destroyed using minecart mania, like we are right now

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