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  1. *Thumbs up* Kick some ass and chew some bubblegum, Unc. And have some fun while you’re at it. :3

  2. Not sure what the issue is but there was considerable lag earlier and now I cannot login (“Timed out.”). I did a tracert and everything is under 100ms with no errors. I can see the ‘players’ list in IRC (which matches the list on the webpage module) but get no response from the people listed as on.

  3. I seem to have lost 9+ Clay Block Stacks which I placed, did objects revert back to an earlier save?

    • The server froze today and I had to kill and restart it. It can be that you lost it. I am unfortunately not really clear how the internal saving of the server works while it runs for 6 hours and what exactly happens if you kill it after that. Since this happens quite rarely, I am do not think it makes sense to add any additional process to prevent this kind of stuff since that might introduce lag etc.

    • Yeah…I lost around two inventories full of stuff I collected yesterday also…which sucks since it was one of the only days this week I had that kind of time to be online. Odd that while it did not record it in my inventory, it did remember that I had harvested the items as returning to the location showed that they were still gone.

      • I had a stack of smoothstone disappear 300 meters from home after a lag disconnect. Walked all the way back to my workshop and made another stack of smoothstone. Tp’d to help someone and forgot what I was working on. When I tp’d back home they magically reappeared in my inventory.

  4. The lag is so bad right now. Chat is very delayed. I’m thinking its the minecarts. Because i found about 20 just glitching and moving around on Dai’s underground track system.

    • Not blaming you dai in the unfinished part of the tracks there were about 20-30 carts just sitting there, not to metion very laggy there to

  5. the darklands is very laggy near the light tower. (which makes the trials of the 324 trees impossible i was one jump away from clearing it then lag spike killed me)

  6. There was an issue with the minecarts not being automatically destroyed after 1 minute. I reenabled that. Please remember NOT to create a mechanism that creates minecarts without your attendance.

  7. just a quick question uncovery is there any castles out in the darklands yet?

  8. Hey unc, shop 1 is stuck and some of my things are in there. Daiyamondo owns it right now.
    If you have the time, can you fix it?

    • 1- You can rent your shop in ANY location after it expired
      2- fixed the shop, thanks for telling me
      3- Your expired shop does not have any goods in it. So either there is a bug or all was sold.

  9. Thanks unc, there was only nether stuff in the shop so it doesn’t bother me.

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