City Project!

I came up with a new project! Here it is:

  • The public area is underused and will be replaced by the darklands as soon as the warping issues are fixed.
  • I would like to encourage community building and have a larger project where anyone can participate.

This is why I propose a city project where we will start in the middle of the public area to build a large city, with a center made of larger buildings. Here is how you can participate :

The city center should be made of skyscrapers and buildings of the size of 20×20 blocks. You can build them out of any material you like, preferably not out of 100% cobble. Please build them on your lot and I will then move them to public area. We will start somewhere in the middle, build the streets etc and protect the area from griefers.

So here is what you do: Build a 20×20 building with any height and no cellar. Put a sign on it somewhere so people know who built it. Then post a comment here with the lot number and the coordinates of the tower. Make sure that you have a staircase going to the upper floors, no ladders please. At max a hidden water elevator as an elevator.

I will then cut & paste the building over to the public area.

I am also asking for a proposal how the streets should look like. You can post the same here and I will pick one and use it for the whole center of the city.

You can make diners, offices, residential whatever. But please no town houses etc that would not be found outside of a larger city like new york etc.