New Warp Gate to City

I have added a new warp gate in spawn that brings you to the city. The city currently has 2 actual buildings and 4 more that are more placeholders than anything else. The streets layout as width is concerned is final. The materials used can be changed anytime. I would also favor a non-car-related design. I would be interested to get more proposals. Please think about how it would look like when the streets become really long.

6 thoughts on “New Warp Gate to City

  1. I will be able to add something to the city soon. I will let you know when i am finished with it. =D

  2. you can use my street design in the bottom of my lot (p4) :P

  3. i’de say have a main bigger path right thro the middle, and the rest should be footpaths. like old western towns but with more buildings

    • Sounds good but I want to keep the design more flexible without having to move buildings afterwards. I am a bit torn how this whole thing will look like in the end and how to make the first steps to prevent trouble later.

      Looking at the size of some buildings we might run out of space in the public area sooner than we like to. If we include stuff like a park, stadium or similar we might very quickly even run out of space. I can reserve adjacent lots once they become free but this might take much more time than we want to have.

      So I think today that a road structure that can grow in any direction would be the best. Visually it might be better to follow your proposal, specially now in the beginning, but once the whole thing grows I am afraid we will have to move all the buildings to make space.

      • Long ago cities expanded “as needed” and didn’t often consider future “upgrades” in their lack-of-design layouts. That’s why some cities’ roads now take up all of the space between buildings, whereas cities like Philadephia, PA and Washington, D.C. were designed to allow a good bit of expansion with a semi-complex system of roads throughout.

        The spaces between buildings allowed for bi-directional horse-cart travel with a separate walking path (side-walks) before getting to the private residences or commercial buildings lining the roads.

        If we have a grid pattern of streets with every other being twice as wide in each direction and a system of trains that runs above street level to stations located every 5-8 blocks, we shouldn’t have any trouble getting around, or finding space to place things along the streets, if later we decide to do so.

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