New FAQ about signboards etc

I made a new FAQ about signboards/info walls etc since the topic came up several times in the last few days. Since I do not think a lot of existing members re-read the FAQ too often, I post it here also:

I would like to have a notice/sign board in spawn or elsewhere with rules, ads, information, whatever
Sorry, this will not happen. I have enough to do keeping the website up to date with stuff. Also, writing/editing the in-game signs is a really big pain. I do not want to do that. Also, I do not want that people rely on several places to find info. If you have one watch, you know the time. If you have two, you never know which one is correct.

4 thoughts on “New FAQ about signboards etc

  1. i had that problem when the power when out. ended up missing my bus.

  2. I dont think signs in-game would be good. I dont know if they ever got around to fixing it, but I remember in 1.3? that if you broke a sign that wasn’t on your lot, it’d come back, but with no text on it.

    • Thats still the same. Breaking a protected block stays client-side, so the text wont reload.

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