Xama45 banned for using fly-mod

Xama45 was banned for using a flymod.

This is not allowed regarding the rules:

Do not cheat to get achievements or to mine blocks. This includes client-side scripts, mods, transparency texture packs or any other way that gives you an advantage over the standard and intended game play.

I made this even more clear now with the following update to the FAQ:

I have this client mod “x” that I want to install. Is that OK?
No. The only client side mods that are allowed are normal texture packs and a minimap that shows you your immediate surroundings. Texture packs that show you things that the normal texture does not show, are not allowed. All other modifications are not allowed either. No flying, speeding, no-clip (walking through walls), whatever it is – is not allowed.

Please read: http://minecraft.uncovery.net/bans-appeals-second-chances/

23 thoughts on “Xama45 banned for using fly-mod

  1. Just reminded me of a show I recorded. Jeff Dunham =) Walter’s “Dumbass”

    • Achmed: NO! dont put back in there his farts are worse the osamas mustard gas
      Walter: (laughs)

  2. i find that unfair seeming that i didnt know i was using then sockso said no so i stop i used it for like 30 seconds, does this mean im band for life on your server?

    • You are right:
      – This post means that you are banned for life from my server.
      – It is unfair from you that you failed to read the rules and therefore did not know.

  3. Good job, xama45!!! You went out of your way, like some others who have joined this server, to earn yourself a BAN for life, simply because you were too ignorant and disrespectful to read the rules and abide by them. Perhaps somewhere else will work out better for you, perhaps that doesn’t matter.

    — This message is reserved for users other than xama45 who also violate the rules.

  4. Yea, I took a screenshot and was going to report him, then saw this. :/ Well glad someone got to it sooner!

  5. Should make a page that lists all the banned people and title it “Dumbasses”.

  6. Hey uncovery, I checked my shop earlier today and noticed that it was completely empty. I checked on the website to see if I still had the shop and I did. So then checked how much money I had and I had 1 unc. The last thing I did was reload the shop but that didn’t work. Can you please check this because I don’t want this to happen to anyone else. =(

  7. Uncovery i admit i was in the wrong but i think a ban for life is a bit harsh.

    I dont mind i found another server, but i think you should take it into conserderation that mabye the ban is for to long and should be for a mouth or two so the learn their lesson i know i would.

    On top of this i would like you to know that your server is one of the best i have seen, but unfortanetly because of my stuppidity i got banned from it :(

    • Disagree,

      I think Permabans are better. Read the Bans, Appeals & Second Chances for Lord Uncoverys reasoning on his. Yes, your actions got you banned, You were meant to read the rules as well as a few other pages upon joining.

      Yes, it is one of the best that many see, that is why they stay

  8. No second chances. If you were wrong thats you fault

  9. I second (or third, or fourth) the permaban.

    It’s nothing personal, it’s just that the rules are pretty clear. ANYTHING that alters the game physics is verboten. If it alters what you see, how you move, or what you have…it is illegal. It isn’t rocket science. Unc has been clear…Zans Minimap (or similar) is okay and textures are okay…anything that doesn’t CHANGE what you see or can do is okay.

    He has also been extremely clear about how many chances you get (one) and how much discussion there will be about being reinstated (none)…I understand this may upset those who get banned but they can’t say they weren’t warned. If I remember correctly, it’s part of the tests you take to get on the server in the first place.

    • im not asking for a second chance, i was stating a point i don’t care if uncovery take it into concerderation or not up to him not me.

      I did read the second chances and i know there isn’t any as i said i have moved on, oh and i would like to know who rated me up

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