Egyptian Statue Building Contest! [Update]

The new pyramid in spawn needs Egyptian statues! So here is a contest:

Build an Egyptian statue! Small or big! But they have to be recognizable Egyptian. Post a link to a picture here.

The first prize: You get the amount of blocks used in diamonds AND

  • 1 stack of lightstone OR
  • a level upgrade! (You choose)

The rules:

  • Build a statue that is recognizably Egyptian out of any material. I will convert it into sandstone once it is accepted.
  • Post a link to the image of the statue here in the comments
  • If someone posts the same statue (or an extremely similar) as you built first, your entry is disqualified. So the simpler the statue, the more risk! The point here is not that 2 people might build a sphinx. The point is that 2 people might build the EXACT same sphinx.
  • The statue has to be 3D and not just 2D pixel art.
  • There might be bonus prizes for cool/funny stuff. Don’t expect the same amount of prizes as last time!
  • provisional deadline is end of 1st of May. If the upgrade to 1.5 delays stuff a lot, I might extend

Please do not post those google image links. most times they do not work. You can click through to the actual page and post the proper link.


94 thoughts on “Egyptian Statue Building Contest! [Update]

  1. Sounds interesting, shame I don’t have the means to take part :(. My stupid mac keyboard doesn’t have the print img button :P

  2. Oh man, gotta get to work on this! Sounds like much more of a challenge this time, as if you want to win you’ll have to build something extraordinary!

    Good luck to everyone :D

    (By the way Akymma, on a Mac if you press “Command Shift 3” in that order, it will take a screenshot of your entire desktop.

    • He said if you don’t want a rank up, you can choose a stack of lightstone, so I’m assuming when Pluto wins he’ll choose that. :P

      • As I told Sockso earlier, it will become [SmartAss]. It’ll be described on the User Levels page as “A VIP who chose an upgrade in a contest.”

        Now wouldn’t that be something Hiosa, eh? :D

    • There are different level types: “Rank” levels and “Fact” levels.
      “Owner” and “Banned” are fact levels. All others are Rank levels and circular. So if you go up from VIP you are back to Guest level.

      Any questions? :-)

  3. i apologize. Lvasold is already doing anubis. So i would like to change my entry.
    Please ignore the above post.
    I will attempt to build a statue of osiris.

  4. I know a ton of people will be trying to do this, so I call dibs on the sphinx. (already started, so if you do choose to build it, you will be disqualified.)

  5. Umm, are booby traps aloud to be made? Because I shall do that if you allow it.

  6. Uncovery quick question. You say in the post above, “If someone posts the same statue (or an extremely similar) as you built first, your entry is disqualified. So the simpler the statue, the more risk!”

    Doesn’t this mean that whoever actually posts a picture of it first will have the rights to it? If so, people, stop calling out what you’re making!

  7. Can I build a Eygptian building with a tomb thing inside it?

    • Nevermind…… can’t figure out how to make the facial features prominent enough to work.

  8. How I discovered the Death Mask!

    As I was working around my lot, a young messenger was sent for me as our excavation crew had uncovered what seemed to be an ancient chamber. I was informed that as I traveled to the location, the crew would be busy clearing and lighting the chamber for my arrival. When we arrived we found nobody. Literally, no bodies. Everyone was gone, vanished, no traces! We found the small entrance into the mineshaft and followed it, hoping to find the crew, but they are all gone.

    What we did see, as we approached the edge of the pit they had opened was this:
    First View (Vulture and Cobra on head)

    Behind us was another passageway that led down further, opening up to a large stepped cavern and our view from there was just as foreboding:
    Entering the Chamber

    As we approached, the eyes appeared to move with us and follow us through the chamber:
    Followed by Eyes

    I moved to the side to set down my things where I get a much better vantage of this god’s resting place:
    Angle showing Flail and Crook in Hands

    After a few more minutes, the terror overcame us, and we left the chamber very quickly! I later did research and discovered the final resting place of Pharoah Tutankhamun, pictured here next to models of his likeness:
    Comparison of Tutankhamun Death Masks

    The coming attraction will feature water slides and a cafe area between the hands in front of the main statue. There will be a children’s play area setup atop the large base that the statue sets on. Next, on to the Great Wall of China Luge Course!

    (p.s. – pls remove previous post)

      • Don’t you dare! I told pluto I didn’t want to submit it yet because I was afraid people wouldn’t want to submit theirs! /sadface

      • If you resigns from competition what am I gonna do with my crappy eye? >.>

    • That is quite awesome and hilarious! I’m glad it turned out so well!

      • Thanks! I think the face could have used a lot more work, but I tried many times and this seemed to be the best I could do. :\

  9. After a long thinking process of wondering what to build I finally reached a conclusion.

    Statues just didn’t work out for me so I thought of something simple to build but looks good in the end. Also, I just wanted to enter something so I made this.

    The Obelisk.

  10. /Users/Omorp/Library/Application Support/minecraft/screenshots/2011-05-07_09.02.58.png
    /Users/Omorp/Library/Application Support/minecraft/screenshots/2011-05-07_09.09.58.png
    This is not much but its at my lot.

  11. Here is my entry. The Colosuss of Memnon!

    Low front view:

    High front view:

    45 degree angle view:

    Actual statue(for comparison):

    Well this is my entry… spent about a month on it. I hope you like it :D.

  12. Great work! Imo you’ve 1 up+ Lva. His may be colored and detailed, but yours is awesome in size and looks cool too

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