IMPORTANT: Cheat protection

I now installed a cheat protection software. The important part is that it does not allow you anymore to lag-climb out of holes by quickly placing blocks below you in restricted areas (spawn, other people’s lots etc).

This means that there is a risk for you to get stuck. While in the normal world you can get out of a hole by using /spawn, in the darklands spawn area that is not possible. You would have to wait until I come online and get you out of there. So watch where you walk!

If you get stuck, you can leave a message anywhere on the site with your coordinates (press F3) and I will fix the area so you can get out when you log back in.


12 thoughts on “IMPORTANT: Cheat protection

  1. :( so in the darklands we would basically make a sos sign and wait for you?

  2. What about getting to people’s lots such as Pinebenj that we need to jump the railway fence? (If we go through the SW portal)

    • Exactly what I was wondering.

      Possibly Uncovery could grant permission to those lot owners so they can remove some fences and make a little opening? Because otherwise it’ll be pretty discouraging for anybody to visit/help because they can’t get there.

      • aw, I really liked the fences on my lot! they made a nice boundary, with the openings being a nice entryway…is there a possibility you could leave the fences with the openings on mine?

  3. Uncovery, is this because of me? Because I know you told me to not show off with this and I have only recently used it to hope the railway systems. If it is, I am sorry.

  4. Uncovery, Omega117921 pointed out a broken spot in the railway.

    the coordinates are:
    X, -831
    Z, -102

    • i know how you feel.
      i can no longer get on top of the spawn house fire D:

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