Temporary 1.5 server online! [IMPORTANT UPDATE]

For all of you who cannot wait or upgraded already, I setup a 1.5 version server running on 25565 port. This is a “vanilla” server without any addons, protection or similar stuff. The only thing that is working is the whitelist. Otherwise everything is like Single Player. PVP is off.

Do not come and ask me to keep this map after the plugins work with 1.5. I will not.

The current 1.4 server will be online until all important plugins are working with 1.5.

[UPDATE]IMPORTANT: If you are just joining the server for the first time, the whitelisting function will NOT work immediately. I have to manually restart the 1.5 server for new entries to work. So do NOT complain about whitelisting not working![/UPDATE]

27 thoughts on “Temporary 1.5 server online! [IMPORTANT UPDATE]

  1. uncovery what about the 1.5_1 thats just released crap i updated it by accident to 1.5_1 now please update so we can continue in our saga

    • How can you complain about that before you even tried it? The server IS 1.5_1 since before I put the announcement out!

  2. Huzzah! I literally saw the update on the Uncovery homepage after updating Minecraft….whoops =P

  3. Uncovery, when I go to log on to the new server it keeps saying this huge line of things, and won’t let me log in, please help.

    • No idea. What version are you running and what port are you connecting to? Make the window bigger and tell me what you read.

      • I can’t tell, something about a restriction. When I enlarge the window, it just makes the words bigger. I got on another server, but this is not working. I use windows, is that what you mean?

    • What port are you connecting to?

      Btw… I can connect from a shitty satellite connection on a remote island in indonesia. I would suggest it is not the server that is not working…

      • I’m connecting via a Verizon Mifi from work where my reception can be pretty spotty…seems to be working fine.

  4. when i looked at the pic for some reason i started pressing the return to menu button

  5. hi ive whitelisted in this but it says im not i use uncovery.net:25565 as the ip and im already white listed can u whitelist me?

  6. /ban bobeevee…..or worse, he will call you names! nah, you will just get asked to fix it.

  7. it justed kicked me saying i was moving to quickly (hacks) ????

  8. why ban me i dont say bad things and i dont make fun of people.

    • If you have a problem and post about it here, it would be great if you can also write when it is resolved.

  9. i signed up on the site and when i try to connect it says im not white listed

  10. is there anyway u could send me the temp map just asking?

  11. So Unc, will you delete this world, or will you keep it for later temporary malfunctions?

  12. Locy, it specifically says in this post, “Do not come and ask me to keep this map after the plugins work with 1.5. I will not.” Please read over the post before asking dumb questions like that.

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