Server 1.5 upgrade – Map reset (sorry!)

I upgraded the server to 1.5 today and made a chain of mistakes. Essentially the issue is that the ‘world’ map got reset to the status of 4 days ago, darklands and nether are fine. For those of you who were on 1.5 already and on the temp map this should not matter at all. For the others who are affected, I am really sorry about this. What went wrong?

  • I did not make a manual backup before moving map files
  • I made a mistake when copying the files
  • The backup failed since 26th. Apparently it does not work when the temp server is running for some strange reason.

As a reminder: There will be NO refunds whatsoever. It’s in the FAQ, read it please.

Upgrade issues in general:

  • The mall is off since the plugin was handed over to a new developer, waiting for the update to the latest version
  • Lightning will cause fire. The fire should not however spread as all other fire too. It will hurt you too if you get hit. Rain seems to have a bug in that it might not rain in some areas. Don’t ask me why.
  • Please check all the functions of minecarts etc and tell me if something is broken
  • You will have to replace your gold blocks on your minecart tracks with powered rails sooner or later. I will make them work for now as normal, but please work on removing them!
  • Sandstone does not seem to kill minecarts. Trying to fix it.
  • The contest for the Egyptian statue will be extended for a week (8th of May)

Oh and in case anyone of you was wondering what I did on my holiday (show and tell, anyone?) check out the best of the 600 pictures here.

25 thoughts on “Server 1.5 upgrade – Map reset (sorry!)

  1. Glad to see the server updated, and don’t worry about the map reset– We all make mistakes.

  2. Uncovery, its really no probelm. You work hard, and you don’t have time to cater to our every whim. Don’t be sorry. I’m sorry for not thanking you enough for this great server lol.

    • Ben, you’re happy about this, since you haven’t done anything on your statue in the last 4 days and you get a week extension to procrastinate more! >:-P

  3. Well at least the server is updated to 1.5 now. :) I lost a lot of work and progress but mistakes happen.

  4. You made a mistake no worries. But could you possibly try and umm get our items back that we collected because i had collected a full large chest of sand and arranged a lot of chests and its really frustating well no worries peace. :)

  5. Unco Mine carts aren’t working. I ran over a gold block and nothing happened.

    • Add- Gold blocks are not working. Obsidian powered still launches you

  6. I’m very happy to see the server at 1.5! Even though there was a lot of work from me in the past 4 days, it’s fine. I play this game to enjoy myself and have fun! It’s not like I get paid to do this. The reset just gives me an opportunity to take a different direction than what I was working on before, which is always fun for me. :)

  7. Well that knocked my plans back a bit, but oh well- mistakes happen and a tiny oops like that is nothing compared to the Epic amount of effort Unc puts in for our entertainment. Thanks again for all the hard work and keeping up with the updates!

  8. Never any worries :) People who whine are the people too lazy to do it again, in my opinion… Anyways, tine to upgrade!

  9. Shoot, now I must remember what I did in the last 4 days. XD

  10. I’ve been havin issues. I’m not sure if its just my connection or a whitelist deal but. I cant seem to be able to break, place, or use anything. (i was also having this issue on the temp server)

    • This is very strange. What user level you have behind your nickname in chat? Do you have your own lot? Specially the temp server should not have ANY restrictions for you. Please write me an email at

    • I had this same issue, it is a conflict with Bukkit, and the single player mod, “Single Player Commands” If you have this mod, uninstall it, and you should be able to place and break blocks. If this doesn’t help, I’m sorry, but I don’t know the solution.

      • Well that sucks. I like that mod but oh well your right. I cleaned my jar and it works now. i guess ill just need to use multiple jars. thx puding

  11. Hey uncovery can u give me the file of all ur best photos :) i wanna use then as my background there so epic !!!

    Ur a pro photographer u should send them into like the discovery channel or something, who knows u might get money for them!! Keep up the good work.

    Oh and BTW when is tarted reading i was like #$%# my Home is destoryed!!! then when i got to the rail part im like AH the recent stuff is gone all good haha

  12. There seems to be a bug with minecart signs. Whenever I try to create one, for example a launer sign, it tells me “You do not have permission to create a Launcher Sign”. Also, trying to remove minecart signs placed before the update tells me “You do not have permission to remove a Launcher Sign”. When trying to destroy a minecart sign it just pops back up with the text on it and when trying to create a new minecart sign it removes the text and creates a empty sign.

    Another thing I have noticed is that it seem to rain a lot. I don’t know if this is a bug or just coincidence but i have never seen rain in single player and it seems to rain all the time on my lot.

  13. I’m so glad to see such a positive response to this post! We have such a great community here. It makes me happy to be a part of this with all of you!

    Gold Ore blocks also are not working, nor are announce rail signs.

    I’m curious how long til the shops are updated by the new mod.

    I can’t concur enough with everyone on here…

    Thank you, Uncovery!!!

  14. Update on Mine carts— You can’t destroy launcher signs. It says you don’t have permission.

  15. Hey Buds, I am sorry to say this but, my real life (You know the boring one without cubes) has become very busy with the up and coming Bear Junior and my studies and what not. I have decided it would be beneficial to put my gaming on hold for a few months so my Bears army rein of terror and the seven months of placing blocks with you guys have come to an end for now, Goodbye everyone, Special shout-out to Sockso, Tokkoril, Fir3guy, Hiosa, (sorry for miss spelled names) These guys showed me the ropes of Uncovery and without them I would still be going on servers saying “I can haz Ch33zberger?”. So goodbye for now everyone, Especially you Uncovery! :D

    • Bye Bear. Even though I’ve never really talked to you. I’m sure the other players are going to miss you very much.

      Best of luck


    • Woah! Good luck with Mrs. Bear and Bear Jr.! Sorry to see you go, but I’m glad to see you setting your priorities straight! Good man.

  16. There’s currently a chunk-sized real hole in the maproom in spawn, found by a guest.

    If you hop in it, you die + gets kicked for “flying”. XD

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