Building in the Darklands

I have seen that some of you have been starting to build some larger structures in the darklands, and made them easy to find. I want to make you aware of the following (just in case you wonder): I will not protect property in the darklands, no matter how great it looks. I created the lots in the normal world so that I do not have to go to every user and protect their stuff manually. So I will not go back to “manual mode” in the darklands. If you build there, griefing is your risk only.

7 thoughts on “Building in the Darklands

  1. Oh I understand that Uncovery. Building in the darklands just provides much more of a challenge. :D

  2. So where are the castles filled with monsters? All over the place, just spawning? Or do you personally do the work?

  3. I think “Team Fabulous” (as we call ourselves) is aware of that, and we are willing to take the risk of our structures being griefed. Like others have said, I understand.

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