Griefing in the Darklands? No please! [Update 2]

I got the question today if griefing in the darklands was allowed or not. Of course it is not. But if someone wants to complain to me about griefers in the darklands, he better have a proof in his hands. This can be a screenshot, video or time (GMT or Hong Kong time please!) where a chat occurred that prooves WHO was griefing.

If I do not have a concrete proof who was griefing, I cannot do anything. So if you want to be safe from griefers, please do not start building in the darklands!

The fact that some people seem to like to build in the darklands a lot makes me think however if I should start making lots in the darklands. If enough people agree to this, I might do it. The previous post I made was more to state that I do not want to start manual protection there. If I setup once a lot system for a certain limited area, its a piece of work to get it once done, but it would be then easier to make a system out of it.

[Update] Please let me specify on the above: The lots would only be on a part of the land, the rest of the darklands would be still public area. I would probably take the current buildings as a starting point and make a dozen lots around them. Nothing as big as the normal world, and stuff outside the lots would still be public. The map would also still be endless. I limited the map outside the lots on the normal world because I did not want to mess it up in case we want to expand the lots. With the darklands map being endless, I can have lots anywhere I like, also in a new area. [/Update]

[Update 2]As an added security level I have blocked Peasants from building in the darklands. Guests have been blocked already since the beginning.[/Update]

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  1. May i Propose a system for Reporting

    Blogusername(if different):
    Time: [You must change the time to GMT time and list it as GMT e.g. 12.27pm GMT]
    Date:[Same as above in dd/mm/yyyy]
    Notes:[add what you want to say whether a problem with the server or a suspected griefer please video tape it or use screenshots and provide a link to the media or attach it to this (i recommend using something like a site like imgur or tinyurl and linking instead of attaching)]

    And a subject in the Subject line TBA. but meaningful to the situation

  2. I don’t think we should have lots in the darklands, because the whole point of it is to have an all public area to collect resources. If we had lots, it would basically just be a parallel world to the normal one, (in the sense that it isn’t public) in which the only light source is glowstone. Those of us who are building there are not building just to build, we have our lots in the normal world for that. We just need a “safe house” to stay in while collecting resources, but we want them to look nice. As far as I know, no one has big projects planned that aren’t for functionality. We know that they might be griefed. Anyway, I don’t like the idea of lots in the darklands.

      • Ah, Ok. Still making it a virtually unlimited public area is nice, but I think it would only be fair if every user got a lot in the darklands. It would almost be like if you were an architect, and you would have two lots. Of course, it would have some disadvantages, because it’s the darklands. But, if you only made a dozen or so, a select few would be able to get another lot, and others might miss out on the opportunity. Obviously since we are ever-expanding, it would be hard to supply every user with a lot in the darklands, as well as the normal world.

    • Against lots. Think it should be a public area with the exception of transportation systems and spawn. Not much else to say

    • You could not have said it better. I personally agree with you.

      • I still do not like the lot idea but what if we made cities. I know a lot of servers have cities people apply for then they manage and run thier cities. For example, Enkl has started an “outpost” far out in the darklands. He is basically the dictator as more and more join the outposts and build a safe house. Well you could yive Enkl the power to add who he wants to his city, but you have to limit the number of people to each city. Players would be able to go out to where they want, in the darklands, and start a building spot, get it verified and he can start managing it.

        Powers the ruler would have-

        – There would be no title but you would have an understanding of who it is. Titles would take to long to manage.

        -The ruler can pick who he wants in his city so no body can just join and mess the whole city up.

        -The ruler can appoint people to certain jobs, as in being the farmer who supplies the city with food, And so on.

        -The ruler can basically control the whole city.

        Now you would have to limit the cities in size to a max of 7 people or so, so there is no rebellion.

        These cities would be scattered aeound the DL therefore the is still plenty of room to have a public area.

        I will add more to this thought when I think of more ideas.

        Hope you like this

      • 10 If referring to my comment above. xD.

        20 If not, Ignore 10

  3. By design it is really difficult to make something lit and spawn free in the darklands. This gives it a wild-west or sci-fi pioneer sort of feel. I like the idea of independent city states but not sure how difficult it would be to code.

    The space we’re trying to conquer right now is about 150×250 – it’s a massive undertaking by five people. If you did go with a lot concept for coding ease, I don’t think they should be any bigger than 50×50 in any case because the amount of lightstone you’d need to gather for a space that big is near 2 stacks of blocks.

    • I know what you mean by “wild west ” and I want to keep that too. I think another way to preserve that is to not have lots at all, because the whole idea of the area being protected takes away from that feeling.

      • You are right Albert. Without protection from my nemesis and creepers, it feels different, but in a good way

  4. How is Unc going to tell us where the castles are? Like is he going to suddenly say the coordinates if we are on chat? Or what?

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