Longterm Planning Spawn/Public/City

I had some thoughts about how to develop the server further. Here are my ideas. Comments are welcome as usual.

  • Expand the city to fill the whole public area. If more space is needed, claim free lots on the borders for it.
  • Create a public world for peasants only instead of the public area. It would be regenerated every night/reboot. Settlers+ cannot go the public area anymore and have to go to the darklands for free mining/building
  • Use the current spawn area only for guests, peasants and maybe settlers. Remove mall and other buildings form the current spawn that are not essential for beginners. Use the city for all others to spawn there. Architects and VIPs spawn in a different place/floor/building.
  • Move important functions to the city (Arena, Mall, Hospital, etc)

So far so good. Opinions welcome!

10 thoughts on “Longterm Planning Spawn/Public/City

  1. I love the idea of using the city for the above mentioned functionalites!

  2. Could not agree more. I like how the city would take up the public area, as it is also in the middle of the map. And the Darklands as a replacement of the public area would be fantastic.

    I also agree with Sockso

  3. I like the ideas. Can’t wait for them to be implemented!

  4. I like it, but could I give a suggestion? Make another world where you can freely mine like like the public area. It can be dangerous to mine in the darklands and eventually it will eventually become very degraded. Turn the darklands into lots (like you mentioned before), and put up a peasant server and a free mine server. Other than that, it would be cool to see the city expanded.

    • The whole point of the darklands is to have a public area. The map has no limits therefore if it begins to be degraded you will just have to go further out. If you can’t mine there then thats your problem. Unc did not make this so we can go “Ladidadida” into there put some torches down and gather all the resources. He made it as a challenge for players to gather the resources.

      If you want more info, look under the features and plugins tab, and read up more on the darklands.



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