Kainoa7272 banned for griefing

I just banned the user kainoa7272 for griefing in the darklands. He placed spalings within a settlements in the darklands excessively and unreasonably. But I could have let that go. However he also griefed a glasswall that enclosed a lava lake.

Since it is obvious now, please know: I have installed the bigbrother plugin that records EVERYTHING you do. If there is ANY griefing of noticable size or frequency, you will be tracked, and banned, right away, without warning, your lot reset and given away.

And for those, who dont know the page yet, please read:


14 thoughts on “Kainoa7272 banned for griefing

  1. I’m so glad we finally cought him. Thanks so much Uncovery!

  2. Thank you so much Uncovery. We might just have a surprise for you in a few days :)

  3. Why do people continue to test our server? I guess they wanted to get on my website. =D

  4. I’m extremely sorry if I am being a nudge but I have a quick question. My friends and I have a, sort of, running prank war going on. An example: I filled my friend’s doors to his house with a giant tower of sand, and he placed running water all across my ceiling. Because we are both fine with this, is it alright that we do this?

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