Minecraft 1.6 coming – the same procedure as every time

Guys, minecraft 1.6 is upon us, reported to come in the next 6 days. What will happen?

First of all, you will be asked to update. Better not do it. I will be running the server as-is for those who do not upgrade and want their map. For the others, I will be running a parallel server on port 25565, with a temporary map WITHOUT protection, lots etc. once 1.6 comes out. Once the plugins etc will be updated, I will move the maps to the 1.6 server.

On a side note, the portals will most probably break on that update since the plugin author has abandoned it. I have currently not found any plugin that could replace it 1:1. We will see how we deal with this.

11 thoughts on “Minecraft 1.6 coming – the same procedure as every time

  1. last update there was an error with the backups, i hope this is resolved if we have a parallel server this time

  2. Good point OSF, but I think it was an error by Uncovery, and was a one time thing.

    Also, the nether is being added to multiplayer in 1.6, so that’s one portal taken care of. However, the other portals still need to be fixed. I’ll look around for a plugin that supports portals. If anyone else wants to help search for one, go here.



  3. So is the 25565 server going to be the same one as last time with people already building in it? I would like that very much if you can.

      • so he didnt save the one with my cool stuff already made?

        • If you want to build “cool” stuff, do so on your lot. Not on a “temp” map. Unless you do not mind that it is gone.

    • I made it clear it was a temp map. There will be a new map again. There might be new trees, ores, etc, and you won’t get those with a old map. Stop asking about getting old maps back please, I asked for that last time also.

  4. Wait, so we should upgrade right away, and we’ll be on the same map we had the last upgrade and we’ll have everything handed to us and we’ll be able to give items to ourselves, too? ;-)

    Oh wait… I’m not supposed to be a noob cuz I read what you post and pay attention. (P.S. Thanks for everything, Unc.)

  5. Cool, i’ll not make the same mistake as last time, thanks!

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