Minecraft 1.6.6 @ uncovery – next steps

Since 1.6.6 seems to be the final bugfix, there is now a “recommended build” of the plugin-manamgent software available. This means that there will be from now on plugins released for 1.6.6 and I can start testing them and them upgrading the server maps to 1.6.6.

However, there are some major changes in the most important plugin, the one that manages the permissions. There are some changes that make it easier for me to manage users and accounts, which is very good. These changes will not be available immediately since I will try to upgrade the server ASAP without making use of those changes and then later install upgrades to my software that should make stuff easier. One of the changes will be that lot reservation can be done instantly from then on.

I will also have to wait until all the other plugins support the new version of permissions. I will have to see how long that takes. Probably most of them should be upgraded over the weekend however. Also, there are some plugins, namely the portal plugins, as mentioned before, that will not be upgraded. I will have to find a new one, install it, test it and then convert all the portals so they work as before.

Regarding the new features in 1.6.6: I know there are maps now, and I am not sure how to deal with them in the darklands. I am tempted to block them to keep the difficulty level up. Same goes for the darklands. I also want to avoid that the map of the darklands gets even bigger. It is now already several Gigabytes large. If people have the in-game maps, this might get even worse. Regarding the nether portals, I will do my best to find a working way. There are several issues:

  • they are noisy
  • they create portals on the other side. The nether might be very quickly swamped with rogue portals. Same goes for lots that are protected. People will have suddenly a portal on their lot because someone thought to make on in random place in the dakrlands.
  • Most places in the darklands would create a portal outside of the normal world borders which is a huge problem.
  • If I make all portals in the real world come out at the same place in the nether, where do you come out when you enter the portal from the nether?

I will therefore most probably disable the portals and keep a system similar to what we have now.

On top of all of this, you might have realized that I was hardly online this week. This will also be the case for the next 2 days since I am very busy right now. On top of that I will have another business trip next week from Sunday night to Thurdsay. I will try to upgrade the server over the weekend, but no guarantee here, sorry. There might be a longer (1 week) delay if I cannot do it until then.

15 thoughts on “Minecraft 1.6.6 @ uncovery – next steps

  1. Sweet, your doing a great job uncovery, if u need help testing out the plugins ill help ya, i got my own server (just me and me :D ) that i test plugins on, just tell me what ones you want and ill test them :D

  2. Thank you Uncovery! It means a lot to all of us that you do so much for us! Thanks, and I hope you enjoy your business trips! :D

  3. Great work Unc! Everybody is so greatful for you keeping the server up to date, and constantly making it better for us players. Thanks so much. Have a good time on your trip!


  4. Awesome work Uncovery. Thank you! Have fun on your buisiness trip lol.
    I hope things get a bit less hectic for you.

  5. Thanks for the dedication!

    I have one idea to share: Block the use of flint and steel in the nether, like you did with torches in the darklands. This will prevent people from creating portals from the nether, but Not from the normal world. Let me know how this sounds.

    • Umm, derr-deet-dee-deeeeee… fire in the nether is a must-have. :P

        • I like your idea, Albert. How about we modify it so that we can’t lay obsidian in the nether? That seems a little less obtrusive.

          • I thought about that, but I THINK that would block us from creating portals there just by using one in the normal world. That would be much better, though.

  6. Well, I appreciate the update as much as many others on here. Thank you, Uncovery for all your work and dedication. I may be around to help test things out this weekend (or next, if need be).

  7. I love how glowstone is now 2×2 glowdust and how theres more coming from each block, but not how we have to mine it.

  8. Thanks for all the work your dong. Although i dont know how long ive been off the servers for. Please dont take away my lot if its over 2 months. Will be on when it has been updated.

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