Sky Scraper Contest Winners!

Thanks a lot to all for the submissions for the latest contest. There has been really some awesome productions out there. I had a hard time judging those. This is why there will be no single winner again this time!

I have been looking at the following:

  • How does it look from the outside (form & materials)?
  • Is the inside nicely designed with love for detail?
  • Is the overall function idea new?
  • Is there stuff in there one can actually use?
  • Is there something really new or just a different version of things we have seen already?
  • Usability Details such as the staircase, signage, doors etc, like in a real building

So I have chosen the best in the categories:

  • So the best outside design was for the hotel, the resort, the clock tower, the bank and the mall (in no particular order).
  • The best function ideas are (again no order) the bank, the resort and the clock tower
  • The best inside detail goes to (again no order) the hotel, the resort and the red-stone tutorials

So you can guess this will be hard to give out prices. So here is the verdict:

  • Daiyamondo gets 1st place for his Hotel
  • Stractor ALSO gets 1st place for the Resort

Both win a stack of diamonds or the level upgrade. Additionally:

  • Sockso (clock tower)
  • ChickenHotDisco (bank)
  • kgirtxd (red-stone)
  • hardcorepuding (mall)

get second prize for their work, a stack of diamonds, too (but no level upgrade option) ;-D
Please note that this was quite difficult. Those that have not been mentioned, there was some great work in either of the categories but those mentioned excelled in more than one thing in my opinion. If you feel you had deserved more, send me a message and I either explain you why not (if you can take it :-) ) or reconsider your proposal!

I will transfer all the winners to the city center within the next days. Congratz again to all!

28 thoughts on “Sky Scraper Contest Winners!

  1. Congrats to all the winners! In my opinion, all the entries were amazing.

  2. Thanks Unc :) I was hoping to come home from being gone all week to VIP status… But oh well ;) maybe the next contest I will win!

    Good job everyo e who tried, better luck next time who didnt place


  3. congrats to the winners. Perhaps i will do better next time (:

  4. Daiyamondo, our newest VIP :D Congrats buddy!

    As for STractor… well deserved, and keep up the great work!

  5. OMG! I can’t believe I won! Thanks for all the support from everyone on the server! Love you guys! :D

    • You deserved it, I can’t wait to see what you’ll build on your 2nd lot! (Assuming you take the rank up. :P)

  6. DANG IT, curse that update, I had one level left to build… :(

  7. STRACTOR what a stud first settler ever to win a contest!

  8. Osf dont be so mean hes just congratulayting his friend IRL….

  9. Well done to everybody that won, you guys are great! And to everybody else who took part, you still have an awesome skyscraper on your lot!

  10. If we didn’t win, can we submit our skyscraper to the city as a regular building?

  11. Congrats everyone. There were a lot of great entries! I watched the posts when I could as I traveled across the country and it was quite impressive. I don’t envy Unc’s position of having to choose.

    I’m home now, so I will get a chance to check out the new/updated city!

  12. Congratulations to Daiyamondo and STractor for their victory, and their long over-due promotions. I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with on your extra lots. Dai, will you move your fortress to a private lot? I love Dai’s flair for the fantastic, I love STractor’s flair for the use of color. Both are tireless miners and fun personalities that make this server a great alternative to vegging out in front of a TV.

    I hope the entrants who did not place, are not disheartened. 6 months ago, ANY of the buildings built for the contest would have completely revolutionized and blown away this server. I know you all put a lot of time, work, and heart into your creations.

    You’re all creative and wonderful people. I hope to see many more of your fantastic creations in the future!

    • Thanks for your support Sock, and I guess I won’t need you to recommend me anymore :D

  13. @kddk

    Why would you need a contest for just settlers? Theres no advantage of being a VIP or Arch for building really. All you need to do is plan it out on SSP and take your time building it until the last minute of the contest. Add as much detail as possible and then enter it.

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