Server Upgrade status

I have upgraded the server 95%. I already copied over the maps for testing. However, these are still temporary. If you connect to 25565, and build something, IT WILL BE LOST!

What’s the status?

  • iConomy does not work, neither do the related other plugins & commands. No idea when the plugin author fixes the plugins.
  • Portals work, but I cannot create those anymore in-game. Should not be a huge issue, but I have to find an alternative soon
  • Single-player-like nether is disabled (the version with obsidian portals). I tested it, and it creates nether portals everywhere, so I had to remove the feature. Nether is and stays like it was over the last months
  • automatic level-upgrade does not yet work (guest -> peasant -> settler). I first need to fix the code and remove the “peasant” level as discussed before
  • Automatic kicking of idle players does not work

I need to fix the automated level upgrade before I can finalize the upgrade. This should be happening within the next 24 hours, hopefully.


6 thoughts on “Server Upgrade status

  1. When I log in to 25565 it takes me to the regular server

  2. Thanks Unc! Good work! I’m rebuilding my machine between running around to see family, going to birthday parties, graduation parties, playing disc golf with pros and champions, getting into private poker games with local well-to-do’s between all the usual rigamarole. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to help out, but if not, I look forward to playing again soon!!! ;-)

    • Again, OSF is not invited. Do people not trust me at their parties

  3. Keep up the good work, can’t wait to see the server fully working on 1.6!

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