Grammar question wanted

I want to re-introduce a grammar question to the whitelist process. It should be something similar to:

Fill in the blanks correctly: “When I am am at my ___ house, I eat her ___ and watch TV.

  • mothers – cakes
  • mother’s – cake’s
  • mother’s – cakes

The best one will be integrated into the whitelist. It has to be HARD. You should include 3 empty fields into the sentence.

28 thoughts on “Grammar question wanted

  1. hmmmm.

    On friday, we looked at ____ fitness results. He did very _____. After that, he ______
    himself 3 ______

    A) Bobs, Good, bought, cakes
    B) Bob’s, Good, buyed, cakes
    C) Bob’s, Well, Bought, cake’s
    D) Bobs, Well, Bought cakes
    E) Bob’s, Well, Bought, cakes

    • A) Bobs, good, bought, cake’s
      B) Bob, great, buyed, cake
      C) Bob’s, well, bought, cakes
      D) Bob’s awesome, buy, caked
      E) bob’s well, bought, cakes

      made the answers different

  2. Here is my entry-

    To ___ this concerns. I have___ your cake and ____ your diamonds. Sorry
    A. Who- ate- stoled
    B. Who- aten- stealed
    C. Whom- eaten-stolen

    • I re-did the whole sentence and added more answers-

      Earlier today I ____ noticed my bacon ____missing. Also whomever had ___ my bacon ___ also stolen my diamonds. To ____ this concerns, I ____ have ____ bacon and diamonds left. Please return them as soon as possible.

      A. had- were- stolen- have – who- hardly- none
      B. have- was- stealed- had- whom- have- no
      C. hadnt- were- stole- have- who- don’t- no
      D. had- was- stolen- had- whomever- hardly- any
      E. had- was- stole- have- who- hardly – no

  3. My friend said that he did a.)____ on his english test, and that he b.)____ c.)____ better d.)____ me. He also said,” There e.)____ many questions that f.)____ going to get wrong.”
    1.) a: good, b: did, c: alot, d: than, e: is, f: your
    2.) a: well, b: did, c: a lot, d: than, e: are ,f: you’re
    3.) a: well, b: done, c: alot, d: then, e: are, f: your
    4.) a: well, b: did, c: alot, d: then, e: is, f: you
    5.) a: good, b: done, c: a lot, d: then, e: are, f: you’re

  4. Do one with a word like mining, you’d be amazed how many people misspell it as mineing.


  5. How about this:

    Uncovery is the ____

    A) Best
    B) Bestest
    C) Worst
    D) Worstest

    If you picked A, you’re correct. :)

  6. :P I hate grammar, and don’t enjoy this idea, but hey, i’m already whitelisted so, meh.

    • It is vital for this server, have you seen some forum posts they are hard to understand with some users grammar.

  7. what about this one:

    eye-bee-leaf-eye-can-reed-plate-thumb: what does it say?

    A) eye-bee-leaf-eye-can-reed-plate-thumb
    B) I Beleive i can read platinum
    C) I believe i can replace them
    D) I believe it can replace them

    from courage the cowardly dog show…the frase that is….

  8. My friend, ______ looking happy today. How much _________ did you play yesterday? Did you ____ any Creepers?

    A) Your, Minecraft, Killed
    B) You’re, Mindcraft, Kill
    C) You’re, Minecraft, Kill
    D) Your, Minecrafts, Pwn

    Correct answer is C. =)

  9. I have ______ wanted to find some ________, but ____ really hard since they __ really rare, and while ___ mining i get ______ killed by _____ pesky creepers!

    a) alltimes, diamonds, its, are, im, easy, these
    b) always, dimonds, it’s, is, i’m, easily, those
    c) someday, diamonds, it’s, are, you, spawn, them
    d) always, diamonds, it’s, are, i’m, easily, those

    can u guess the right answer?

  10. You can use one of the annoying SAT Grammar Questions. I have a practice book if you would like to use of from there.

  11. Oh no. I suck at grammer. At least I made it by before this happened. :)

    Lets make it a question about rocket science. ;)

  12. I agree fully. I might be bias though…I’m an English major.

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