Server upgraded to 1.6.6!

I just upgraded the server to 1.6.6. This means that the temp server at port 25565 is offline. If you want to help testing, please do the following:

  • check if the stuff you built in the last 24 hours is still there
  • Go to your lot, check if you can build
  • Go somewhere where you can normally not build, and see if that works
  • Use some minecart features if you have them handy
  • Check if your name appears on the map correctly
  • Go to the “become settler” page and see if your lots are correctly listed
  • check if your commands, user levels and donators indicators are there
  • check if the PVP arena allows you to attack another person, but no other place
  • check how fire spreads in a safe place
  • etc etc.

If you find something weird, please tell me.

Regarding the last contest:

I will be not a lot online in the coming 5 days. If you see me online, please tell me immediately what I still owe you and I will give it to you. I will make sure I go through the list and that everyone has everything, but I cannot guarantee that I think of every little piece, so please remind me when I am online. I will also relocate the buildings to the city, so please don’t touch them until you can find the building in the city.

16 thoughts on “Server upgraded to 1.6.6!

  1. Stuff I’ve placed in the last 24h are still intact.
    Able to construct on my own lots.
    Can’t build within others lots, nor Old Spawn.
    Haven’t tested rails.
    Name appears correctly and my lots too.
    Rank/Donator Status correct. Random cancellations when teleportin’, even when standin’ still.
    Haven’t checked PVP.
    Fire Spread is non-existant (tested Main World) Can even be placed on solid stone, without going out. Hurts when touched. Rain puts it out. Burnin’ body puts out in rain too.

  2. I can confirm everything Daiy has said above me, and to add to the list:

    My lots are correct on the “become settler” page.

    Great job on the upgrade! :)

  3. Had a few problems with logging in at first but now it’s ok pvp is off so no worries

  4. One bug I noticed:
    A new user (Nemu34) has 2 lots.
    Something probably went wrong with the lot application, but he owns Lot B1 and C1.

  5. I can’t join, just saying “Failed to connect to the server
    Connection refused: Connect”
    I cant seem to solve/fix this problem
    I got 1.6.6 and no mods/texturepacks/hacks etc.

  6. SpadesMAXX and Locyman stated that they could not attack eachothers in the PVP Lot.

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