Last & next contest

Last contest followup

I know transferred all the buildings that won an award to the city. Please check again to make sure I did not overlook anything before you destroy the one on your plot. If you did not win an award and want the building to be transferred, please tell me.

In general please keep in mind that I am happy to transfer additional buildings to the city if they fit and meet the quality average of the other existing buildings. Empty shells without functions might be moved a bit to the borders of the city to keep the center more interesting.

For those who did not get their reward yet, please contact me in-game unless you are getting a level upgrade. Those I can do anytime if you choose it above the cash reward, but you have to tell me what you want.

Next Contest announcement

The topic this time is Medium-Size house block. This means that you have to build a set of at least 2, maximum 4 buildings with a minimum height of 30 and a max height of 40 on a square of 20×20. The rating goes for the following criteria:

  • variety between the buildings in one block
  • overall usability (4 walls vs. roller coaster)
  • detail usability (buttons, minecarts, redstone)
  • detail in design, outside and inside
  • usability in general (stairs, doors etc)
  • fun in design, signs & functions
  • Innovation & context relevance (just outside the city center, cheaper real-estate)

Deadline is the 26th of June. 1st prize is a stack of Diamonds or a level upgrade. Post here the coordinates, the lot and some screenshots.

28 thoughts on “Last & next contest

  1. Sounds great, I can’t wait to see all the entries! :D

  2. I will not be participating this time :( I am taking to much time away from my castle and using all my supplies. Good luck to all :)

  3. It was brought up in a discussion yesterday that we should have two separate categories for these contests. PineBenj and HenMeister pointed out that we should have Settlers competing against one another, as well as the higher level players (Arch/VIP). I think that their logic is sound and suggested they post that here. I wanted to get it here before things moved along any further.

    This segregation would help to keep from squashing newcomers by keeping our more experienced players competitive without raising the bar too high for those with less time and resources on this server. Some of our more experienced players also do not wish to “steal” the opportunity from our Settlers but would like to compete, as well.

    I think having a Junior Varsity (JV) and Varsity category for our contests would be very helpful all around and produce more astonishing work, while still encouraging people of each rank!

    P.S. – Thanks to everyone who contributed to that discussion yesterday.

        • I am glad that you took the time to post this Lvasold, Thanks! No pressure to induct the idea. We just thought it would be a great way to give many settlers more opportunity in the competition.

  4. Introducing..

    Grandma Enick’s Bakery (With Offices) and the Uncovery Boarding House!

    The coordinates are

    X: 284
    Y: 74
    Z: -456


    href=””>Both Buildings

    href=””>The Bakery/Offices:

    href=””>Bakery/Offices – During night

    href=””>Inside the Bakery

    href=””>Uncovery Boarding House

    href=””>Boarding House – During night

    href=””>Inside the Boarding House – The Kitchen

    href=””>Inside the Boarding House – One of the Rooms

    The Bakery has three offices that come along with the building. Also, there are no signs/torches that exceed the 20×20 area on the buildings.

  5. Very nice! Good luck in the results! Its going to be very close between all whom is entering! Ill take photos of mine in a few hours and enter.

    Nice work enick

  6. Sorry for that last post, I guess the links didn’t work so heres another post.
    There is a lot more than what you see in these pictures, but I could not capture it all because it would take to many photos.

    X: 649
    Y: 65
    Z: -366

    Buildings(Day and night):
    Bakery right. Rollar coaster left.
    Side view, apartments and bakery. Apartments

    Bakery: Front view(day) Side view(day) Baking Decorating Kitchen Lobby Freezer room Power source Power source 2

    Apartments: Front vies(night) Front view(day) Lobby Sockso’s room Lva’s room Lva’s room 2 Stairway to Lva’s Hiosa’s room Stairway to Hiosa roof access button Roof Air conditioning :P

    Note: There is so much more to the apartments. Every room/floor has a different design/setup. There are a lot of secret buttons. Also, there are a few functions, I.E: Dispenser that shoots raw pork onto a stove(powered rail) and you can turn the stove on, so its like cooking it. There is a lot of detail and things.

    Rollarcoaster:(Uncovery’s revenge) Front view Waiting line

    Note: I thought this would be something cool other than an original building.

    Alley way:
    (sewer access included)

    Note: The bakery and apartments both have “Secret Buttons” that have some sort of function, but you will have to find it your self :P

    I hope you guys like this! If any of you would like to come see it, ask me in game!


    • Re-entering mine, will be a few days. I’m changing a whole building to something better XD

  7. OMG!!! i built two buildings on two different 20X20 squares! i didnt realize they all had to be in one 20X20 space!!!!! JFKDL:S

  8. Alright here is my contest entry. I made 3 buildings. A bar/restaurant, a post office, and an accounting firm. I added some special lighting on the outside to give it a vegas appeal.
    This will be my last contest for a while due to vacation, and I am building a colosseum with enickcnln for the city!

    Coordinates: x=879, y=61, z=1041 Lot_e24
    Anyways, here is my entry!

    Outside view of all three buildings: (Post office on the left, Accounting firm in the middle, and Bar on the right)

    Bar first floor:
    Second floor:
    Third floor:
    Roof lounge:


    First floor:
    Second floor(mailing room):
    Third floor(Junk mail):
    Fourth floor(employee lounge):


    Second and third floor offices:
    Head accountant’s office:
    Employee dungeon/torture chamber:
    Roof lounge:

    The alley has a nice clean slab floor with a dumpster, a homeless guy’s bed, and ads!

    So, that is my entry. I hope you like it. If anyone would like to see just ask!

  9. I like how you had the same exact stove top as me….

  10. Actually that was the first one I clicked on… And i only looked at a few

  11. True, and sorry this competition has really gotten to my head. :(

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