Banner Screenshot Contest!

Since the old banner is now quite old, I have decided to make a new banner contest. The requirements:

  • Shape should be similar to the banners you find at
  • It should NOT include a text/slogan yet. For now, we are searching for a picture of the server that includes buildings that bring the message across how epic the buildings on this server really are. You can take in-game screenshots or also the 3D-Map for example. You can assemble a picture of many others or generate something completely new.
  • Deadline is 19th of June.
  • Winner gets a stack of Diamonds!

The text will be added in another step, maybe also via a contest.

Good luck!

20 thoughts on “Banner Screenshot Contest!

  1. Oo this is my kind of thing. Im a pretty good artist

  2. Do you still have the banner that i made for you a while ago? I want to enter that.

  3. In other words, let’s see who can take the best screen shot of the cathedral. :-P

    • That’ll take forever, there’s always a cloud in the way =P

  4. I made a banner =) it’s rather simple, I’m not very experienced with Fireworks just yet. I can resize it if it’s not thin/short enough =)

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