Further relocations

I know relocated the spawn for settlers into it’s own floor in the city, as well as the portals to the outposts. The minecart ministry is moved to its own building in the city which is still under construction. I will be adding to it with some more complex and complete samples of minecart usage over the coming days.

The question is how to proceed. Theoretically I can also move the guest spawn to the city and delete the old spawn. I know we have been running with the old spawn for quite some months now, so I feel a bit nostalgic about it, but I think the city is a much better place to start for guests so they can see immediately what cool stuff you all build. So moving the guest spawn would be a good idea, but what to do with the old spawn village?

20 thoughts on “Further relocations

    • Hehe. no its called the Uncoveric Games: Olympic Games. As in PVP, Spleef, capture the flag… Etc.

      Anyways, I think you move the spawn to the city. And since the old spawn is more of an empty shell anyways, delete it.

  1. I agree. The city gives the best first impression of the server. I say, keep the old spawn village for now, delete it when you’re ready later on. Also, I’m afraid we wont have enough really tall buildings before the suburbs start.

    • You could infest the old town with zombies, and that’d be the reason we had to leave.

      • Hahah. Good idea. I’ve seen a lot of servers with stories. We could make a video and say we had to rebuild our lives. And then show the old town infested. And then the new city of greatness :P

  2. I think its a good idea. Lets show the new people how advanced our server is :)

  3. I think you should move the old town to the City.
    It could be like an old county district.

  4. Give it a action rpg taste start noobies out in a jail cell with zombies, if they escap there in

    • hmmmm not a bad idea.
      they start with a wooden stick and have to bash there way through 12 zombie spawners with only a piece of bread to heal them. :P
      its like a initiation test for a fraternity

      • It starts off with uncovery escaping an assassination attempt through the sewers. And it’s through the newbie’s jail cell!

        • Why would i assassinate, uncovery. I already have a backlog starting at sockso

  5. Or just make the old spawn a museum like feature of the greatest creations since the history of the server, such as bring back the holy shroom =)

    • Good idea. We could add the spawn to the suburbs of the city to show newbs how it used to be. And because it’s cool.

      • It should be renamed: ” Ye Olde Spawn Pointe” XD

  6. how about move the outpost portal gates to the city XD? (if they arnt already)

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