New User Level: Citizen!

I have now created a new user level, called “citizen”. This user level is for those who are here since a long time. Currently this is set to 4 months (4 x 30 days). It is a level below “architect” and above “settler”. This user level should be automatically assigned if you login to the website and your account there was created 4 month ago.

There is no additional rights associated with this rank for now. I want to see first how many months we need to choose for this level to understand how many people are eligible. Once I adjusted the time span properly, I will start assigning additional rights to that level. So please stand by….

18 thoughts on “New User Level: Citizen!

    • Uncovery, I like to see things linear and visually, could you perhaps make a table with the ranks and the various abilities (including possible projections for the Citizen rank)? I know Settlers can only /home and /spawn. Archs get /tpa and VIPs get /tp and /tpahere.

      I’m curious if there will be other new things to follow the new rank. :) I know people who are involved on the server like to visit other players and see what they’re building, are there other teleport options available?

  1. Sounds good! I’ll be looking forward to who becomes one!

  2. Great work, I love to see the server no moving forward!

  3. Cool! I love ranks! This should really show who are ‘new’ and who are not :)

  4. Thats cool! Can’t wait until they get commands and such :)

  5. Great work Unc. A more diverse commnity, is a better community in my opinion.

  6. this is awesome, I’m now a citizen xD best colour name out there :P
    oh and Uncovery, I got an idea of what additional rights citizens can have. Maybe they get get an extra lot, so there would be: 1 lot for settler, 2 lots for citizen, 3 lots for architect, and 4 lots for vip.

    • Stole my idea because i said it in the game :/ But anyway i would love for this to happen :)

        • Also, VIPs can use that magic compass! Or VIPs can fall without taking damage! Or vips get the power to turn cobble into smoooooooth stone! ;-D

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