More City updates: railways

I have started to work on the city railways. There are now 4 main stations that are accessible:

  • The central station (near the central admin bldg)
  • the southern city station (near the bank)
  • the tower bridge (near the new bridge)
  • the old spawn, now called “central outpost” (I reset the area btw, there were too many defunct/empty buildings)
  • the pyramids

What I did:

  • All the stations are now a standardized design. (except the central). Try it out, i think it is very practical
  • I installed announcement signs on all of them
  • exits that go no-where are blocked
  • usable exits have signs on them
  • buildings that have a connection to the railway have always one direction to go. It will be the one to the further away station. If you want to go to the closer one, you can walk

What’s the plan?

  • Unless someone wants to use the same elevated railway design on their lot, this type of railway will be used only in the city. The normal lots will keep the current style railway & stations
  • Technically there is a possibility at a station to have several entries, merging all into the same track but then dropping you off in different places. I might build something for the outer lots in the city or in a special train station. If you have a thought-through idea how to do that while using station signs and a high degree of automation, please tell me. Ideally it should be so efficient that people do not need to teleport anymore but still arrive in a reasonable time at their lots. from the outposts.
  • I will expand the city-railway stations as needed and as the city grows.

Any other ideas regarding the railroads are of course always welcome.