Upcoming city plans

As some of you might have seen, I have built a bridge over the harbor as a first big addition to the city outside of it’s current area. I am planning more stuff in various forms and sizes. Here is a list of it. PLEASE do not ask me to specify those so you can start building already. Since those will be contests, I will have to come up with specific rules how large etc these can be and I do not have those details yet.

  • a harbor with big boats
  • a harbor with small boats
  • a rich residential area
  • a poor residential area
  • an industrial area
  • a farming area (not too large)
  • a suburban area with town-houses and small gardens in front of the houses
  • a beach with sunchairs etc
  • a waterfront boardwalk area (see this video)
  • a waterfront housing area

I also have started to reserve lots that directly touch the central area or the old spawn area. IF YOU OWN SUCH A LOT touching the old spawn or central area, and you are willing to give it away, I will let you choose an alternative free lot and help you move any buildings that you have above ground on your lot to a new lot. The lots concerned are:

  • L15-L23
  • L23-S23
  • S15-S23

OSF was already kind enough to agree to that. Those relocations do not have any timeline and will only be happening once the city is growing into you area. I would think that it will take 3 more months until those lots would help to expand the city. However, I think earlier information is always better.

You DO NOT have to do that. I am happy if you do, but apart from getting a new lot, there are no other benefits. See it as a chance to get a mint fresh lot. If instead you like your lot and want to stay so close to the city, keep it.

12 thoughts on “Upcoming city plans

  1. I am willing to give up my lot for a new one just give me a day or two to look for one. My lot could potentially not be movable since it is cleared to sealevel and also has a big wall.

  2. Hmmm, on second thought I don’t know if I am willing anymore. I would kind of like to stay near my original lot. I was thinking S23 but then I saw you had it reserved already. I am building a castle though, so it could fit into the city if it was right on the edge :D

    Unc, would you be willing to give me S23 which is just moving my stuff to the lot south of S22 the one I have now. It would be in the very corner so it would not matter as much, I do not mind the city being built around me, I actually enjoy it, that way I have fast access to it.

    Just tell me what you think Unc.

  3. Scratch that last post. I would be willing to take lot S24. When you have the time you can
    go ahead and move it to there.

    Make sure you get my castle walls at y=65. And my contest entry which is the obvious floating platform in the air in the middle of my lot. I have not yet dug underground so do not worry about that. And if you could please make it exactly like S22 if you can. It should not be to hard just some flattening, it will be more easily explained if you saw it in game.

  4. Too bad XD I want Unc to have what he needs for the city.

  5. I’d quite like to keep S18 where it is – it’d be cool to make some changes to get it to fit in with the city, although I’m not quite sure where a giant star would be in context… maybe I could convert it into a stadium (and then at least the airship makes sense). Not sure how the rocket and spaceship Discovery (from 2001) would work, though.

    S20 is a different matter – I’m happy for this to move, although given what’s being built there, it does need a hillside so some of the terrain would have to move with it. It’ll be more obvious why when it’s finished.

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