9 thoughts on “Uncovery Minecraft – The Trailer

  1. Wow…. This flawlessly captures the amazing builds on this server. The timelapse is a nice touch!

    P.S I love the evil music hehe (:

  2. Omg, cleverly done. -Gman voice-

    But is there a reason you didn’t use the movieslowmo button for smooth camera movement? oO

  3. Tip: If you press either f7 or f8 (can’t remember which) your camera turns into a “flowing” stlye where you don’t see the hard stops of the mouse. It continues while slowing down so that videos look a little more crisp

  4. The vid is good, but i would prefer a more catchy song =P
    But i admit it’s rlly hard to find good free music (legal) on the internet XD

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