New video project by poke0523!

poke0523 is working on a new video project featuring uncovery minecrafters and their most epic builds! It will be filmed in the major cities (spawn, riedi73’s and pinbenj’s) and all contributors are invited!

If you think other places should be added, want to help or be featured with what you built there, please talk to poke0523 or comment here!

Something you should know…

There is currently a lot of mud-flinging going on regarding what people can or cannot do with Minecraft, specifically if they can make money with it.
This video here sums the situation up best:

Does this affect us? Most likely not. We are not charging hundreds of dollars for anything. But since there is so much talk about this right now and there are a lot of questions, I thought I let you know. If there are any changes that affect us, I will let you guys know.