Banner Screenshot contest….

Sadly, despite there being some people really got at this stuff (at least according to their own words), not many people had really time to come up with anything at all. While there have been some entries to the contest, there have not been nearly enough to call it a competition worth a stack of diamonds and more so comparable to the buildings we see standing around. Guess it’s a minecraft server and not a banner design server after all.

So how to proceed? I will work together with the best entry (rthurber) to improve on it and make a final banner. Of course he will get the diamonds, too.

8 thoughts on “Banner Screenshot contest….

  1. Well I do have a few banner skills squirreled away, but like the rest i didn’t have time to come up with an idea of my own. So for the sake of the server here’s a quick upgrade
    Just consider it a cleaned up version of rthurber’s briliant idea ^^
    Re-sized to 468×60 and added some color correction.

    • Looks great plutomaster!! I can share the diamonds with you if you’d like :-)

  2. Ah, never got the time to do something, and then the competition closed… Might still have a play with some ideas if I get time, but rthurber’s idea looks pretty cool.

    • I’ve now worked something up, although it might be a bit over-complicated. I wanted to add some actual screenshots to rthurber’s version, but I may have gone a bit over the top…

      Uncovery Banner (large)

      It’s 200px high but scales to 468×60 (standard banner size) and is designed so slightly narrower sections could be used full-height. Too late for the competition but hey.

      • hey wow XD that’s not bad at all :3
        that’s some banner talent there ~

      • yeah this is awesome!! are you using photoshop? can you put in a solar flare before you overlay the text? i try to put solar flares into all my banners.

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