New Cross-map Rail line

I created a new rail line which goes through a couple of occupied lots. It affects all lots with the number 18. I chose this place because it affects the least users but is still reasonably in the center of the map. The affected users are:

  • jamistador
  • crossbreed23
  • fingermouse
  • enickcnln
  • tcorbin
  • samoli
  • jaedinator

Currently I only built the actual railway in empty lots. It goes on sea level (63-66 height) on the north edge of the lots (200-204). I already protected the area so you know exactly which blocks will be affected. As an affected user, please check if this crosses any of your important constructions. The please reply here with one of the following answers:

  • I don’t care, if you drill the hole it won’t affect me
  • I don’t care but help me relocate some of my stuff that’s in the way
  • I am fine but I would like it higher/lower/further south
  • I don’t want that at all

3 thoughts on “New Cross-map Rail line

  1. I checked the area of where the railway is going and it doesn’t affect me. I’m fine with a railway going through my lot! :)

  2. I’m happy for it to go through S18. I can work round anything it affects and it’d be interesting to have it there. S18 borders with the city area anyway, so unless it gets moved, I’ll be making some changes at some point to make it fit in properly as the city approaches.

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