Off for Holidays – Citizen promotion suspended.

I will be leaving for holidays in 12 hours. I will be gone until July 10th. During this time I will have only very limited internet access.

Since there was a repeated bug where during an upgrade to citizen, the permissions file would not be written properly and all users would become guests, I will be suspending further citizen promotions until I am back. Current citizen will stay citizen of course.

So please be patient until I am back. I will try to find out where this bug comes from or how to fix it. Most probably I will convert the system from a “check when the website is loaded” to a scheduled check to avoid too many checks that might interfere with each other. I do not know when I have time for that though.


3 thoughts on “Off for Holidays – Citizen promotion suspended.

  1. Have fun in the bars… erm I mean have fun on vacation unc (;

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