Skylands Railways – Two warnings!

I want to give 2 warnings regarding the skylands railways. Please take those seriously.

  1. Do not obstruct the railway, build on the railway, change it or similar. I consider this as griefing. You can fix it if broken, remove fences along the stations, make a building around it or similar. Anything else without my permission will either result in a ban from the skylands or a ban from the server if serious. I just had to remove a structure built by Binkydude that had next to some water-elevator access to the center of the rails two blocks just over the minecarts and injuring anyone traveling there. So: Do NOT obstruct the rails or travel on them. This is a last warning.
  2. Do not walk on the railways. Wherever you walk, oncoming minecarts will push you off and kill you if there is no land next to it. It is smartest to make your access to the lot somewhere near one of the stations. They should not have fences near them. If they have, please remove them or ask someone who has permissions on the area to do so. I can also do it.

3 thoughts on “Skylands Railways – Two warnings!

  1. I’m sorry, I requested Binkydude leave his structure where it is and for him not to remove it. It was the only way i could get to my lot (jumping on it then walking along the fence). I did not think it was such and obscurity, since you could still get past through minecarts. Thanks uncovery for the 2 heads ups.

    • Next time please kindly take down a couple of fence posts and build access from the side of the railway. You can build above it and make a roof or whatever, but it has to leave 2 blocks above the rails free so people can drive a minecart without getting hurt.

    • Thank you for pointing that out. Sorry, anybody who I’ve hurt :)

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