1.7: Same procedure as every update [Update 2]

1.6 is on the brink of extinction and 1.7 is about to see the day of light on Uncovery minecraft. So we will be doing it like all the times before:

  • If you are VERY eager to try the new functions, do the upgrade on your client. I will setup a temp server on a port 25565 with temp map for the updaters. Once the upgrade is done, this map will be deleted.
  • If you want to access the current maps, build on your lots and are able to wait, please do not upgrade. The current server will continue running until I can guarantee that the protection etc works with 1.7

Since I am on holiday now (business trip is over since 6 hours, now traveling through China) I will most probably have the time to install the temp server within the next 24 hours (in case it is released then) but I will most probably not have the time (and fast enough internet connection) to upgrade the current server to 1.7 within the next 10 days.

[Update] 1.7 is out and running on a temp server & temp map as announced above on port 25565 (the standard port). ATTENTION: Whitelisting and bannlists work, but registering here on the server will NOT instantly allow you to enter the temp server since the whitelist there wirks different. I first have to logon and restart the server. Do not expect that to happen too often. So if you are new to this server, you better use the 1.6 version [/Update]

[Update 2] The environment which allows plugins (bukkit) was updated already for the current version 1.7.01. I installed it and along some 1.6 version plugins for testing. Chat-channels, user levels, IRC, minecarts and common commands like /home should work already. Please test them. I will be updating those plugins and testing additional plugins as I have time to when they hit the shelves. Please not that if there is another client update beyond 1.7.01 that requires an updated server and I do not have time to move with it, you might be locked out of BOTH servers. In that case, please wait until I upgrade the temp server or revert to the 1.6 version.[/Update]

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