1.7 Test run!

While the 1.6 server will continue running on port 25564, I copied a current map to the 1.7 server and started it for testing. Please all get on the 1.7 server at port 25565 and check if everything works as expected. If this is the case, I will upgrade the server finally to 1.7 within the next 10 hours, provided I get positive feedback.

So please test and comment here if anything does not work properly! Things to check for among others:

  • Lot protection
  • Minecart setups
  • Darklands restrictions
  • Skylands permissions

Currently known bugs:

  • Portals have a loop effect
  • Someone reported that minecart pickups in the spawn building don’t work. They work for me, so someone else please test it.

6 thoughts on “1.7 Test run!

  1. Heres my list of testing things

    Skylands- Permissons work
    Darklands- Permissons work
    Regular world- Permissons work
    Minecarts- Work

    So far all I have noticed is the portals being bugged.

    I’ll update you on more stuff as I find it

  2. I think one of those people that said the rail from spawn didn’t work was me. Other than that and the portal loop, I don’t have any other major problems.

    Just to be clear, are we on a temporary map right now, and will we revert the world back to before the testing? (I died in the skylands and lost a few things, but if we’re not reverting, it’s okay. At least the dying part in skylands works fine. :P)

  3. Big problem, Unc. Creepers are not protected, they are destroying my lot:(
    At least this world won’t be copied over. So just fix that please :D

  4. Something to note ~ the wooden sword area detection is broken.

  5. Torches, lava buckets, and and flint and steel don’t work in the DL, so thats good

  6. I think the spawn area has reverted to a spawn-protection thing, as I can’t open the doors again. XD Only wau to exit is the sewers. Ew. XD

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