VIP lounge relocated! [Udpate]

There is a new VIP lounge now at an undisclosed location! Please keep it secret! Do not /tp non-VIPs there! You get there with /spawn as a VIP and you get out of it with the portals. Updates regarding interior and thrones will follow!

[Update] I now created spaces for thrones along the wall and copied the existing thrones over. Feel free to build your new thrones on the empty spaces.[/Update]

I am also open to suggestions for additional features on the top floor for example. Only in-game please!

5 thoughts on “VIP lounge relocated! [Udpate]

  1. Cool! I wish I’d find it.. I really haven’t seen it yet! REALLY!!


  2. Umm just a question here. If it’s secret what is the point in making thrones and stuff…. noone will be able to see it :p

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