Pyramid Schemes

AS you know there has been a pyramid built by me and decorated by amazing works of the Uncovery community in the Central Area. I want to finish this work but ran a bit out of ideas. So please go there (take the train north form the city) and tell me what else should be built there. I am also looking for volunteers to help making this a feature-packed, fun building to explore.

8 thoughts on “Pyramid Schemes

  1. Maybe have some kind of deadly maze, with all sorts of obstacles. And at the end you get some kind of prize/uncs. I’m a good maze builder, if you like this idea, I could help build it.

  2. I think there is a maze already, if i’m not mistaken.

  3. Prehaps make a monster castle inside the pyramid, gaurding the Pharoh’s riches.
    Skelly spawners can be like mummys :P

  4. Maybe something like a maze, but the walls move due to pistons. Also, something like lock combinations, that cause death if entered incorrectly.

  5. Hehe you should mix the maze idea with the monster castle idea. It could be like labrynth style treasure hunting lol.

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