Minecraft Faces now in Blog, Forum & Maps

I have setup a tool that now shows all users faces in the blog when they post comments as well as in the forum, and also on the map. The usernames are removed from the map. In order to know who is behind the face, hover your mouse over the face and the username should appear.

17 thoughts on “Minecraft Faces now in Blog, Forum & Maps

  1. But it kinda makes me look like fireguy because I’m a guy with fire for clothing. But I guess it’s because I can’t find anything else that’s a better skin.

  2. Omg, where’d ya get ma picture from?!

  3. THIS IS SO COOL!!!! I LOVE IT! Uncovery You are awesome!

  4. NIICE! :) I like this update!

    I can’t wait to get back from vacation so I can get back on minecraft!

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