Citizen Level Reset!

Since there was a technical glitch with the Citizen levels, some people got promoted to citizen too early. In order to fix this, I have removed citizen status form ALL users. But no reason to panic. To get your citizen level back, please simply log on to the website. You should be upgraded instantly. If you have applied for a skylands lot and are not citizen anymore, please tell me so I can reset the lot. You will not be able to build on it anymore anyhow.

11 thoughts on “Citizen Level Reset!

  1. i was glitched to citizenship earlier so i logged in and it didnt upgrade me again and i applied for lot D_4

    • “so is everything on my skylands lot unusable now”
      sorry for my fail grammar i was in a rush for some IHOP :P

  2. Is there any way to recover anything that was in a chest? I left a lot of material for a project I was working on

  3. Unc i believe i am supposed to be a REAL citizen. It never resets me though. What am i missing? Thanks KRH

  4. Hey Uncovery. The lot I picked up was f_16. You can reset that lot. Sorry for the delay

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