Current known issues

There are three issues that are known that I would like you to be aware about:

  • You might have trouble leaving a town in the kingdom. There is a bug that I am trying to fix together with the developer of the towny plugin. If you get an error saying “Not registered” when trying to leave a town, please tell me and I will manually do this for you
  • Due to a wrongly written permissions file (the server screws this up once in a while) we lost the two last days of guest to settler promotions. All you have to do is tell me if you are affected by this and I will make you settler as soon as possible. I fixed the issue for the future. If this problem happens again, maximum 1 person will be affected (i.e. we lose only the most recent change).
  • The city¬† spawn building still has an issue with masters and elders not being able to build there.¬† Fixed!

3 thoughts on “Current known issues

  1. Door in Guest spawn is bugged, can’t open. I can’t break, and replace it, nor can I put plates on the side that don’t have any. :-(

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