Kingdom Map Limitation

I have set the map of the kingdom now to 2000×2000 instead of 4000×4000. As a reference, the normal world is 3000×3000 blocks large. Why? I do not want to be forced to start a new map when 1.8 comes out. If we restrict our space usage a bit and stay within reasonable bounds, we can generate the map beyond the current limits once the 1.8 map feautures are out and integrate them into the kingdom.

In the case that the 1.8 features are so different from what we have right now that they would be better used in a new map anyhow, we can still create one. I do not want to ruin the fact that we can do the same on fewer maps by already now expanding unreasonably far into that map.

I will see that I can delete the areas that were already explored but beyond the 2000×2000 border so they can be generated newly once 1.8 comes out.

4 thoughts on “Kingdom Map Limitation

  1. So, um, what happens after the 2000 block from the gate? Do we fall into oblivion?

    • I tried walking beyond the map boundary, the game just stops you and repeatedly spams a message about that area being off-limits =P

      • 1.8 Looks to be a lot different and exciting. My guess is that you will eventually have a new map but i hope the Kingdoms world works out with 1.8 also.

        • I quite like the idea of having the 1.8 map features in the Kingdom, NPC villages ought to make it more dynamic and fun XD I dunno about you, but i think the 3 maps are fine for now =P

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